27-inch and 32-inch OLEDs are on the way, but will they be TVs or monitors?

27-inch and 32-inch OLEDs are on the way, but will they be TVs or monitors?
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Smaller OLED screens are reportedly on the way, which could mean smaller OLED TVs arriving soon. At the moment, the smallest OLED TV you can buy is 42 inches, but LG will, it seems, start producing a 27-inch OLED screen by the end of the month and a 32-incher before the end of the year, according to OLED-info reports (via flatpanelshd).

Of course, these screens could be used in gaming monitors, which are traditionally much smaller than TVs. But we can hope that bedroom-friendly OLED TVs are on the way.

The first devices featuring these panels are reported to arrive in early 2023.

LG currently sells 27- and 32-inch OLED gaming monitors, but their OLED panels are made by another company, Japanese outfit JOLED. It also sells its own 42-inch gaming monitor that curves to make the action more immersive – but it costs almost three times as much as LG's 42-inch C2 OLED TV.

Without the curve, these new smaller OLED products are unlikely to have similar price tags. Look out for a full reveal ahead of January's CES tech show. 


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