LG's bendable Flex OLED gaming monitor costs almost three times as much as the 42-inch C2

LG's bendable Flex OLED gaming monitor costs almost three times as much as the 42in C2
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LG's 42-inch curved gaming monitor/TV goes on sale next month, but it won't come cheap. At $3000 (about £2700, AU$4600), it will cost almost three times the price of the equivalent-sized LG C2 OLED TV.

This is interesting because the LG OLED Flex is essentially a C2 with one special party trick. Press a button on the remote, and the ends will curve in and there are no fewer than 20 levels of curve available for you to experiment with.

"Why would you want it to curve?" you may be asking. The idea is to curve it when you're sitting close and playing games in order to make the experience more immersive. Then when engaged in more passive pursuits like watching daytime TV, set it back to flat mode.

The OLED Flex was announced last month. It packs 4K and HDR technologies, WiFi 6 and LG's webOS TV platform.

Is it worth the asking price? That depends. If you'll be gaming a lot, but want a monitor that also doubles as a very capable TV, then maybe. Everyone else would be better off saving their money and opting for the full-flat 42-inch C2 instead.


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