Our Verdict 
Even at this money, the WR100s are poor headphones – spend your money elsewhere…
can you tell we’re desperate?
Frustrating, uncomfortable fit
devoid of detail
thin, lifeless presentation with a serious lack of substance
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Memorex now has a wide range of home entertainment and portable electronics at its disposal, ranging from Blu-ray players to in-ear headphones, such as the WR100s.

Exercise lovers might appreciate the rubberised, splash-resistant finish on these in-ears, but you'll struggle to find any more positives.

The flexible blue arms give an uncomfortable, insecure fit and the earpiece pops out at the slightest provocation.

They might be splash-resistant but the sound is splashy and insubstantial, lacking detail across the board. Yes, the WR100s cost peanuts, but only monkeys would hand over their money.

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