Our Verdict 
LG’s Design Art range is shaping up very nicely indeed – this is a solid cinema system for £500
Smartly styled and well specified
can upscale to 1080p
good integration
fast satellite speakers
Some picture noise
treble sounds a little detached
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LG is on a roll with its home cinema in a box systems at the moment.

We doled out five stars to the £270 HT902TB system in our Awards 2007 issue, and we now find ourselves fairly enamoured with this more upmarket effort.

This latest system is nearly double the price of its sibling, but is undoubtedly altogether more stylish and, indeed, a little better specified.

The HT762TT is part of LG's ‘Design Art' range – alongside TVs such as the LG 32LB75.

Its ‘champagne flute' design is both easy on the eye and well made for the money – even if it slightly loses its sheen when you get close.

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Setting up the system is easy enough, thanks to the test tone built into the menu system. However, there are no picture settings to be made – though this isn't that unusual in a system like this.

Elsewhere, there's a USB socket that supports memory sticks and MP3 players, while the player itself can play DivX files, DVD±R/±RW, WMA, MP3 and JPEG CDs.

Upscaling DVDs to 1080pThe most obvious upgrade over the HT902TB system is the ability of this player to send 1080p signals via HDMI, and the picture looks pretty decent. There's a hint of noise, and faces are a touch rosy, but otherwise it's a fine image.

Sonically, the slim subwoofer integrates well while still providing plenty of ‘oomph'. The centre speaker is clear and authoritative, while the satellites are detailed and fast. Only a slight detachment to the treble spoils the party.

If you like the styling and want solid surround sound for £500, you could do a lot worse. You won't find us buying the champers, but we'd be happy to toast this sparkling LG system.