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Stylish and a top performer but it falls short of the very best
Bags of features, with DLNA and NetCast
Freeview HD
good sound
stylish design
Struggles with the deepest black levels
colours could be better
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Here's a set that looks to marry stylish design with myriad features and, of course, high performance – a task that LG has plenty of recent form for pulling off.

We have already looked at LG's 32LE7900 screen and now it's the turn of the '5900, albeit in a larger, 37in size.

The key difference is the lack of Infinia, ‘seamless one-layer design' here, so if you insist on that svelte look – and want Bluetooth – you might want to splash a few extra quid on the '7900. Everyone else, read on…DLNA capability, plus net gainsAs with other well-equipped sets, there's a real focus on the internet-enabled functions. This means it's DLNA-capable, so can connect to and stream from devices such as PCs and NAS drives, giving you instant access to your music and movies.

If that's not enough, LG's NetCast feature allows you access to YouTube and photo-sharing sites.

This edge-LED set also offers a Freeview HD tuner, 100Hz Tru Motion processing and a USB input for music and images. Naturally it's a full HD resolution screen and has the usual array of video and audio inputs including four HDMI connections.

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It certainly looks the part, measuring just 4cms deep (ignoring the stand) and with a glossy black-and-red finish. Hey, it may not be Infinia but it looks pretty smart to us.

Plenty to admire with Blu-rayStart at the top with the best-quality Blu-ray content and the LG certainly delivers plenty to admire.

The Terminator Blu-ray has a velvety sheen thanks to a clean picture and ultra-smooth motion. The dingiest scenes see the LG struggling to produce rock-solid black levels that boast the necessary insight, but we like what we see.

It's more of the same with DVD reproduction, the LG proving to have a good scaler, but play something with a vivid, dynamic colour palette – oh go on then, we'll put on Avatar  – and the LG doesn't quite have the punch.

It's easy to watch, but a little more life would be welcome. We're happy to report this is one of the better-sounding sets around, with clear, dynamic dialogue, especially with Dolby Digital surround sound from the HD channels.

This is highly capable TV but one that nevertheless falls short of the full complement of stars.

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