Best early Prime Day LG G4 deals: get the best price on a five-star MLA OLED TV

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LG's latest flagship 4K OLED TV was easily one of the most anticipated sets of the year and, now that we've reviewed it, we can officially say that it is worth the hype. This second-generation Micro Lens Array OLED set takes everything we loved about last year's G3 (the first LG model to include MLA tech) and turns it up a notch. It's brighter, features stellar contrast and is a dab hand at motion too.

One of the only drawbacks we can think of is that it is rather expensive. Thankfully, Amazon Prime Day is approaching fast, and we have our fingers crossed for some top-notch savings as part of this yearly sales event. Can't wait until next week? Then you can still find some killer G4 deals to be had, as the launch prices are slowly dropping as we speak.

You can pick the LG G4 up in four sizes currently:  55-, 65-, 77- and 83-inches. We've reviewed this TV at 65 inches, which we feel to be the sweet spot as the performance should be indicative of the other sizes. So, let's dive into the best G4 OLED TV deals available now.

LG OLED55G4 (55-inch)

LG G4 55 inch

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Launch price: £2400 / $2299 / AU$4199

Starting the roster is the 55-inch G4. Like the G3 that came before it, this is the smallest size on the market so if you want to feast your eyes on some second-generation Micro Lens Array action, you will need room for a screen this size.

The G4 supports several HDR formats: HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision. It features four HDMI 2.1 ports rated at 48Gbps, all capable of handling 4K/120Hz, VRR, and ALLM, which is excellent news for PS5 or Xbox Series X owners. There is an HDMI eARC socket for connecting soundbars or other audio equipment alongside an optical connection if that's more your style. You can see the best deals on this set below.

LG OLED65G4 (65-inch)


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Launch price: £3299 / $3299 / AU$5299

The 65-inch G4 is the version that we spent time reviewing, and we were very impressed. It's an undeniable step in the right direction for LG TVs and while it doesn't completely reinvent the overall formula, it improves on everything that made the G3 an excellent TV. 

From stellar HDR performance to immersive colours and excellent motion handling, the 65-inch G4 is a TV that we recommend to anyone with the space and budget available – hopefully a fresh discount helps make that possible. Check out the latest prices below.

LG OLED77G4 (77-inch)

LG G4 77 inch

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Launch price: £4499 / $4599 / AU$7999

Up next, we've got the 77-inch G4. It's pretty much the same TV as the 65-inch model but with an even bigger display. All versions of the G4 use the same 60-watt audio system, which we noted sounded thin with the 65-inch version, so this is likely to be especially true with even bigger versions. If you're spending this much on a TV, we recommend pairing it with a quality soundbar or, even better, a full surround sound system if you have the space.

As we scale up in size, the price increases too, so it's even more worthwhile to keep an eye out for any discounts as we move down this list.

LG OLED83G4 (83-inch)

LG G4 83 inch

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Launch price: £6999 / $6299 / AU$9999

If 77 inches isn't enough for you, LG has a few more models up its sleeve, with the next size being the 83-inch G4. As with the 77-inch version, we expect to see all the same quality and strengths that were on display with the 65-inch, just scaled up for an even bigger screen. As this is one of the priciest versions, you'll definitely want to keep a lookout for any potential discounts.

LG OLED97G4 (97-inch)

LG G4 97 inch

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Launch price: £24,999 / $24,999

Lastly, we have LG's largest G4 – the 97-inch version. It's absolutely enormous and costs significantly more than even the 83-inch version. It's unlikely many people will even have space for a TV of this size and we may not see any sizeable discounts anytime soon, however, there's no harm in keeping an eye out...


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