Our Verdict 
Lots to admire here but, sadly, not that much where sound is concerned
Secure fit
look good
fold up small
They sound insubstantial
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Taken from their packaging, the Kicker HP-301s don't look like they're going to fit a grown-up head, but the thin, bendy headband proves plenty long enough for even the fatheaded among us.

It doesn't exert much pressure on the earpieces themselves, though, which can feel as if they're resting uncertainly on the ears.

But they stay secure, and the extreme springiness of the band means they fold up very small when they're not in use.Lack of sonic organisationIn use, though, they don't stand out from the herd. Field Music's You Can Decide sounds insubstantial, with a top-end clatter that doesn't compensate for a lack of low-end body.

There are better-sounding alternatives for similar money.

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