• JVC HA-NC120
Our Verdict 
Decent sound, but there are better noise-cancelling options from their price rivals
Gently defined midrange
compact and portable
Noise-cancelling isn’t as effective
muffled dynamics
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The JVC HA-NC120 headphone feature noise-cancelling, but it's is subtle; perhaps a bit too subtle.

There isn’t much difference when turning on the active noise-cancelling from passive mode, with the noise of our mobile testing room (the 08.14 to Waterloo) still very apparent.

The sound quality is OK – the midrange is relatively clear and there’s decent detail – but we had to turn the volume right up to enjoy the dynamics of the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. Just the thing for the 08.14 to Waterloo!

The JVCs are nicely portable, though, with foldable ear cups and a retractable cable – they're a safe pair of cans, but others offer better noise-cancelling.

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