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Home Cinema & Gaming and Hi-fi systems

The 20ft x 20ft attic room on the third storey of our 1885 built house has been my hi-fi room for many years. My hi-fi consists of

* Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player
* Technics SU-A900 Mk II amplifier
* RTL TDL3 speakers

They're pretty long in the tooth, especially the amp and speakers but sound fine to me.

As of the last week, the room has also become my home cinema & gaming room. So, on the opposite wall to my hi-fi is a sturdy steel shelf unit on which the majority of my home cinema/gaming system now sits which, in addition to my XBOX 360 which I've brought upstairs from the lounge, consists of:

* Optoma ThemeScene HD70 720p/1080i projector
* Onkyo TX-SR606 A/V receiver
* Playstation 3 (mostly for Blu-Ray and Region 2/Free DVD playing)
* Philips DVD Player (cheap but is multiregion and comes with an HDMI output)
* Mico Freeview (again cheap but has an HDMI output)
* HD-DVD add-on for XBOX 360 (cost £30 and have got quite a few discs for £5 each)
* Kef KHT2005.2 5.1 Speaker set (with KHT2001 stands for all but sub and centre speakers)

I intend to replace the freeview box with an HD freesat one at a later date and add a pair of matching speakers to go to 7.1 but It'll be at least early next year before I do so.

As I decided to not get a projection screen for the time being, prior to setting this up I stripped the wallpaper, put up lining paper for the wall on which I project onto, painted that wall, the opposite one and the ceiling in a light grey (Dulux Grey Steel 3) and the two side walls in a darker grey (Dulux Grey Steel 1) to minimise light reflection. I'd have painted the ceiling and the opposite wall in the same dark grey too but that'd make the room a bit too dark. To have more control over the light coming into the room, I've also made makeshift window coverings using pieces of white blackout curtains and white velcro!

As a projection screen, the wall works well and can get a decent picture even with the windows uncovered in the early summer evenings and get good blacks when they are covered.

Will post pictures to this thread, once I've tweaked the positioning of the speakers and projector and more importantly tidied the room up a bit!