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Denon 2310

My actual system consists of an ageing Denon 3802 (still kicking some but sadly it is time to go), a BR2 package, a Sony BDP-S360 and a TV Philips 42PFL7403. Cabling and interlinks by Monster. I am seriously considering replacing the amp with a Denon 2310. I wonder if they would partner well.

To listen to stereo I use B&W CDN7 all hooked to same Denon. My room is 10m x 4,5m but only half of it is being used as family area and the other as dining area with no wall or partition in between.

Any advise on the Denon 2310 partnering with the BR2?

Thank you


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Re: Denon 2310

Hi Faruque, you might get a better response if you post in hifi section.Smile

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Re: Denon 2310

I always see all sections...the br2 not beeing a great speaker...go well with the denon

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