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airport express or arcam r dongle?


I have sold my cd player downstairs and now have a shiney rdac, but was wondering what was the best way to do it wireless?


Is it best to go for the arcam dongle or the airport express?  I like the idea of the arcam dongle as I do not have to have anything else in the wall by the dac, tv etc as I have no more sockets.

 What would be the merits of either method of doing it?

This is my second system downstairs not the one shown in my sig, so I am after ease of plug and play I think.

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Re: airport express or arcam r dongle?

The rWave certainly looks easier to setup and has more out of the box flexibility in that it looks like you can transmit any sound from your PC / Mac to it rather than just iTunes. Without using it, I'd also guess it would be potentially more stable than the Airport Express unit which can be a bit flaky judging by other users (I haven't had any issues with my AE personally though).

On the Airport Express side, with Airfoil you get the same flexibility in terms of playing any sound from your PC / Mac (though it then costs more), but it would work with any amplification device so gives you more flexibility with positioning e.g. you could temporarily stream to a different system in another room simply by moving the AE unit, whereas the rWave is tied to your rDAC.


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Re: airport express or arcam r dongle?

If you are an iTunes user the AE is a great piece of kit and if you have an iPhone Touch or Pad you can stream direct from them to the AE now, they can also be picked up cheaper refurbed from apple. I would recommend using a Lan cable if you can.

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