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SAMSUNG UE55KS7000 - smooth or stutter?


I was considering getting myself a Samsung UE55KS7000  based on http://www.whathifi.com/samsung/ue55ks7000/review

5 stars

2016 Award Winner

What's not to like I think...

OK, I'll just do some googling and see what other people say...

So I come across a bit of negativity on John Lewis, about frame stutter.  

So this is really a question I'd very much like What Hi-Fi to answer as well as any of you who have bought this TV - it seems to me that something is amiss, as I don't understand how a 5 star 2016 Award Winner TV could get bad feedback about frame stutter...but either the TV is overrated or John Lewis has trolling reviewers.

What do you all think?  


P.S. Yes I know I should go and audition the set for myself, I have a shortlist of sets I will most likely check out in person, but would appreciate input from anyone kind enough to answer this post smiley


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Take a look at the review on

Take a look at the review on HDTVtest (albeit 49" version) :


It is very positive, and it actually singles out the motion performance as being very good indeed:

"Another aspect where Samsungs generally outperform televisions from other brands is motion clarity, largely thanks to effective black frame insertion (BFI) implementation. We’re happy to see this motion-boosting technology make its way onto an entry-level SUHD TV such as the 49KS7000, helping the display render some of the cleanest and sharpest motion on the market today which will surely please sports fans. In fact, with [LED Clear Motion] enabled, the Samsung UE49KS7000U even beat out other flagship TVs (all calibrated and motion-optimised) in terms of motion sharpness, as you can see for yourself from the following motion pursuit camera tests:"

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If you use the right settings

If you use the right settings, I don't think you'll have any problems with frame stuttering. 

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