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Samsung UE49KU6450 missing specs

Hello everyone,

Today, my new 4k tv arrived and I'm extremely happy with it already. There are just 2 little things I'm worrying about. I looked at multiple spec lists (even the one in the manual) but couldn't find the input lag and if the tv has HDMI 2.0 support. I'm hoping that somebody here has a similair (or the exact) model and could give me an answer for both of these questions.

Also for the pc/hardware experts: If I connect my pc to my tv  using displayport (pc) to hdmi 2.0 (tv I hope) adapter, will I get 4k@60fps/hz? It's what I've read online but I'm not 100% convinced. Of course i'm talking about smaller games that my pc should be able to run at 60fps no problem.

Thanks in advance!