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Samsung UE46F8000 Lost Freesat Reception

I turned on my 9 month old TV last night to find that it was not showing any Freesat channels.  At first, I thought 'oh well' and tried to do a retune but the TV did not seem to find any satellite signal from the dish.  I then tried a complete factory reset with the same result - ie no signal.  Just as a test, I unlpugged the two cables from the TV and plugged them into my Humax Freesat box and the Humax showed 100% signal strength and, as you would therefore expect, 100% quality.  Also plugged what was the Humax feed into the TV and, again, no signal.  Plugged the cables back into the HUmax box and, again, got 100% / 100%.  I think I have therefore ruled out any signal issue! 

I will call Samsung Support but suspect they will only want to do what I have already tried but wondered if any of you learned people had any other ideas.  Even better, has anybody else had the same problem?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Im not familiar with that tv,

Im not familiar with that tv, but if its like my Samsung, you need to tell the tv to accept a signal from a satellite dish (Default would be from an aerial I suspect)

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