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Samsung Evolution Kit

Wondering if anyone else has tried the evolution kit on their Samsung TV?I have put one on my ES8000 and had nightmares.whilst I am no electronics engineer I am pretty confident adding a box to the back of the tv which should simply push in.carried out instructions and first off the evolution kit wasnt detected, second time it was and started to download new software and operating system in to the tv.on set up it wouldnt find any wifi networks (my iphone can currently locate 10 in the neighbourhood) This just about renders the box useless. I tried to plug in a wired connection but again it wouldnt connect to this. According to other forums the box can be a bit tempermental so i removed and re-installed it half a dozen time, no availwent back to the shop (70 mile round trip!) and swapped the box.you guessed it no wifi connection or wiredready to return to the shop again for a refund.anyone else had any experience of this problem?

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RE: Samsung Evolution Kit

Yes, me too! WiFi won't work, and although I managed to get the Ethernet connection going, that has now failed, and won't reconenct. Very strange, since the router "sees" the TV. Any solution so far? 


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