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Plasma - LG 42PN450B

I'm looking into getting this LG plasma (42PN450B) here in France. I can get it right now for a really great price, as with most plasmas today I guess. It's exactly the simple 107cm, no-smartTV, no-internet, 720p/1080i TV I am looking for. I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything they might know about it.
I'm struggling to find many reviews online because it looks like it may just have been the version for Europe of a model that was not talked about much when it was released March 2013. If anyone knows what line or series of TVs it comes from or maybe the equivalent model in the US that might help me get more info on its performance because of more articles being available. Outside of that, anyone wishing to give me any opinion on it or something similar they think would be just as good would be appreciated. But at 290 euros, this thing looks like a steal that I should snatch up immediately, so I can replace my current Samsung CRTHD.

Thank you!!