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Rega Contact

Hi all,

Does anyone have an e-mail address for Rega? I've tried info@rega.co.uk and service@rega.co.uk to no avail!

I realise they don't publicise their address at all but I would like to contact them directly.


Thanks everyone.

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RE: Rega Contact

tjsshanty wrote:
I realise they don't publicise their address at all...

They do publish their address...


As for a telephone number, then I am sure you can manage BT enquiries to find Rega Research in Southend-On-Sea


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RE: Rega Contact

Sorry for the ambiguity, I was referring to their email address. I did manage to get as far as checking their "Contact Us" page. I have their telephone number.


Its not a big deal, I want to contact them in writing and its more convenient to email.


Thanks anyway. 

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