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Streaming to my "stereo" - dont know where to look


My main hifi is a half decent seperates system

For the last 5-6y Ive had a Logitech Squeezebox streaming to it giving access to my music library which is on a computer miles away in the loft

Sound quality was decent and I liked how I could control track selection/playlists etc remotely from this room

Its recently broken, also discontinued by Logitech, and I dont know where to start looking, a replacement needs to give similar functionality and sound quality yet pass the "can my wife use it" test (no concerns with the kids LOL)


As a family we have a number of ipod docks and annoyingly I recently paid a decent amount of money for a Samsung 670 for some better sounds from our ipad, at the time I considered Sonos but the bluetooth tipped it for me as I didnt see the need at that time to go for a full system - at least not whilst my Squeezebox worked! However now may be a good time to think about setting the groundworks for futureproofing the rest of the house and to this end Ive been looking at Sonos again.

The big issue I have is that with the Samsung exceeding my expectations, and also opening my eyes to how useful Airplay is, all I really want to do is stream from the stereo, I have no need for auxillary boxes in other rooms - I think........... Therefore the Sonos connect seems overkill as I dont think I will use any of the other bits for a little while

Any suggestions on the best place to throw £300 would be very well received

My amp is sitting close to my wireless access point which is an Apple Airport Extreme which as you know has no audio out

I guess I could deploy an Airport Express and DAC but this seems madness to plug it in next to the base station plus Id have no remote control over the music, rather than having to have a laptop or something constantly on the go I did like how the Squeezebox let me control everything from a remote control


Thanks in advance - Im 'watching' several second hand Squeezeboxes on Ebay just in case this remains the best option Smile




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RE: Streaming to my "stereo" - dont know where to look

Hi Davvy


Welcome to the forum. Like you, I used to own a Squeezebox (Touch) -- actually two of them, one for the office and one for the lounge, but I found them to be unreliable for accessing my music collection, the units would regularly crash or freeze, and the last straw was when Logitech decide to pull the plug on the SQT altogether. So I returned both units to Amazon under the British Sale of Goods Act and turned my attention to other manufacturers. Two years on, and network streamers are popping up all over the shop.


Now I own a Denon dnp720-ae network streamer and a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6. They are in two separate rooms, but they are not networked together. The Denon can now be had for under 200 quid -- probably less if you Google around -- and it can play most music formats and now with a new software update it can play files gaplessly, i.e. no gaps in albums where tracks segue from one to the other. It's essentially a separate player with AirPlay built in, and an on-board DAC. I have this outputting to another Denon Unit (a Home Cinema unit S-102), and the sound is reasonably refined. I have portable a hard drive (with all my CDs ripped using DBPoweramp to FLAC format) connected to the front USB socket of the Denon, and it plays tracks reliably and flawlessly with no crashing or interruptions, far better than the SQT (only slight niggle is that if playback is paused for more than a few minutes, it doesn't seem able to continue on the same track).


The Stream Magic 6 is a lovely player, albeit more expensive at around 600 quid, but with the added feature of an "upsampler", and sound quality seems better than the Denon's "polite" sound. It will polish and refine any stereo digital source through its DAC, and although it doesn't have AirPlay, it does have a bluetooth receiver option. It looks nice as a separate unit and has two USB sockets (front and rear). On mine, in the lounge, I have one 128GB flash USB stick plugged into the front and one plugged into the rear -- that just about covers my entire ripped CD collection, and after a recent update, the iPad app means it's a breeze to access your tracks.


Both the Denon and the CA have built-in internet radio services.


The Denon might be a good intro to reliable, "no brainer", streaming, but there are other similar brands and models available that do a similar (if not better) job. The Denon CEOL / Piccolo consistently gets good reviews -- it's an all-in-one, rather than a separate streamer unit.


Btw, I do not have any affiliation with any of the aforementioned manufacturers -- I'm just a simple consumer!


Hope this helps!


All the best



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RE: Streaming to my "stereo" - dont know where to look

If you want usability by all the family, Sonos is a no brainer. My wife loves it, and absolutely hates 'all that EDITED in the sitting room'. My next door neighbour came round this week and had a play, and went and bought one the next day, together with a Spotify subscription.

Unless you need higher than cd resolution (like 24/96) or need your streamer to look like 'proper hifi', I can't recommend it highly enough.

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RE: Streaming to my "stereo" - dont know where to look

Agreed - my friend thought it was way too expensive, but ended up buying a Play 3 on my recommendation. After 6 months or so, he's now bought a Sonos Connect to connect up his living room system as well.

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RE: Streaming to my "stereo" - dont know where to look

YOu can't go wrong with this inexpensive and reliable plug and play solution: http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/denon_dnp-f109.shtml?googlecpc&gclid=CLGuoLOPhboCFVMdtAodQXoASQ

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RE: Streaming to my "stereo" - dont know where to look

jerry klinger wrote:

YOu can't go wrong with this inexpensive and reliable plug and play solution: http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/denon_dnp-f109.shtml?googlecpc&gclid=CLGuoLOPhboCFVMdtAodQXoASQ

You don't appear to own one though?

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