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RE: Airplay

6th.replicant wrote:

Paul. wrote:

I am deliberately not updating my wifes Macbook to Mountain Lion because of the Airport Utility app, 5.6 for Lion is quite a powerfull tool, 6.0 on Mountain Lion is frustratingly dumbed down.  Something to bare in mind Smile

I run AirPort Utility 5.6 with Mountain Lion - here's how  Smile

The OP was talking about the AirPort Extreme 802.11n wireless base station which is currently using AirPort Utility release 7.6.3. (Or at least mine has been since a recent firmware update.)

Not sure where the subject switched to AirPort Express (a completely different box).

Bit confused now.

EDIT: Aaaaah... got it .... AirPort Utility version and AirPort Extreme firmware level.  (Sorry I don't tend to look at version numbers. Just update stuff when i'm told to.)




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RE: Airplay

Where as I am talking about the Airport Express, sorry for any confusion.

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RE: Airplay

Hi Guys,

I bought the best AIRPLAY gadget out there last week. The Dolry.  Since I bought my Iphone 5 I looked for a solution to use my Bose sounddock 10.

Adapter ? ugly , Blutooth solution ? › compress sound quality 3 times , no thanx. Why have a high end speaker and use bluetooth ? like putting rethredded tires from North Korea on a Ferrari :).

Dolry is a 30 pin Adater that is comaptible with AIRPLAY and DLNA if you got a silly Girlfriend with a Samsung Wink

Full sound quality, 30 m range (Blutooth 10 m ) , built in Radio and cloud music.

dolry.eu Dance 4



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