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Yamaha rxa range vs 73 range

Hi all,

I have just ordered a yamaha rxa 2020 to replace my anthem Mrx 500 as I had constant issues.
the dealer decided to take it back from me and swap it for something else After replacing the Mrx twice and still being faulty.
I decided on the yamaha as the reliability of the brand seems second to none.
However, I will need to get another receiver for the ht room and was wondering if there s really any point of going for another avenge series. I read the specs and marketing stories but I am unable to do a direct comparison, as here in Australia only select dealers carry the avenge series and not the 73 series. Vice versa for those that carry the 73 series.
Anybody done a side by side comparison , is the avenge series noticeably better in terms of picture quality and sound processing?
All advice welcomed and appreciated.