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RXV 3067 Yamaha Amp

I have a Yamaha RXV3067 amp that has 2 HDMI outputs, they are both selected to output but i am getting nothing out HDMI 2. I have swapped the cables from 1 to 2 to no avail. Both are showing as being selected on the screen of the amp, and have been working fine. It just seems HDMI 2 output has stopped working. (somebody may have accidentally changed some settings but nothing i can see)
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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RE: RXV 3067 Yamaha Amp

Hi mull

If you haven't already done so then in the first instance please reset your RX-V3067 to factory settings (pages 127-129 in the instruction manual).

Btw, if you've customized any settings such as DSP parameters, etc. then please make a note of these before the factory reset.

All the best

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RE: RXV 3067 Yamaha Amp

Hi Rick,

thanks for your reply, ive just done that, went to initialize all then switched amp off, not sure if it went to factory settings though as the firmware update has stayed @ 3.20 but it did reset some of my settings, play through etc. hdmi 2 output still not working though, i have selected output 1+2.

have you any other ideas? have i done the initialize correctly?

sorry its taken me a couple of days to reply, ive been busy with other things


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