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Active amplifier on a Magnat THX S300 subwoofer "fried"

Have had this subwoofer for ages (since 2007), but used very little and on a home theatre setup powered by a Pioneer VSX-D1011 using its pre-subwoofer outlet. In 2011 I started listening crackling noises coming from the 12" driver that did not go away when I disconnected the Pioneer or removed the cable, so I was sure the problem was in the active subwoofer amp or power supply. I then just unplugged it and had it standing there till two days ago, when I got my new 48" led TV and decided to try it out once more.

I never play my music high, due to the neighbours (mainly), but anyway this sub is suppossed to stand quite a lot of bashing.....

The fact is that it is now totally dead. The power supply is working fine and the rear red led light comes on as I swith it on.

I finally removed the 12" driver and was able to access the amp/power-supply assy. and judging, just by the smell that something had burnt there; a few minutes later I was able to see part of the amp circuit board dark-brown to black, very close to where the two main condensers are placed, so as I said, don't know why, but there is no way I can repair that. Magnat in germany will not supply me with the active plate amp/mains suply unit, so I´m looking at the possibility of installing an external amplifier, maybe a monoaural amp and plug the subwoofer pre-amp outlet to one of the new amp inputs and then just run a speaker cable directly to the driver and placing the plate on the back of the speaker box.

Problem is, I have no idea of what amp, where to get it, how to plug it in such a way that both subwoofer channels are used etc, etc... Of course price does matter, because it cannot get more expensive than a brand new 300W subwoofer.

Just hope someone can help me out here.

It would have been great if the Pioneer had an amplified subwoofer output as it has 7x2 speaker outlets, but that is not the case.


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