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RE: wall mounting hi-fi speakers

Heres an update , if your interested chaps.


we have moved house. the partington stands came out of the loft when we moved and they are now in our designated dining room. with the avi speakers back where they belong.


I dont think the last room (3 rooms knocjed thru with lots of windows) was great for listening. this room on the other hand.

concrete floor. single room. curtains. solid walls. not too big. theres a table and chairs in there. but not in the way of the speakers. and the table has a padded heat mat on it. its also part of the extension to the house. and is situated with outside walls and detached from next door. if you shut the doors noone in the living room or bedrooms hears a thing even having ita bit louder.


The sound quality is completely different to how they sounded in the old house. They shound just like they did when i auditioned them in a listening room. fantastic.


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