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Ruark Crusaders and Talismans

Hi all,

I wondered whether you could offer your opinion with regards replacement speakers for my hifi system. I have an Audionet Art V2 CD player, a Sugden A21a amp and Ruark Prologue II speakers. I used to love the speakers so much, but something got blown in them and they haven't sounded the same since. Even after a repair at Ruark they haven't quite returned to their former glory.

I have the opportunity to get a pair of Crusader II's, III's or Talisman III's. Reading reviews, I see great opinions of the Crusader II's, less so of the Crusader III's, but it's hard to know if that's only relative to their price, as the III's were much more expensive. Have you heard any of these speakers? Are they all at least as good as the Prologue IIs (I see the Talisman has only one main driver not two - is that inferior in some ways?).

I'm after a smooth rich sound without edginess - I listen to a lot of classical, though have to say my fair share of Led Zep too!