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Repair or Replace?


I have a Sony sacd/dvd player DVP NS900V and a Kenwood DP-X 9010 cdp, both of which have stopped working. I think that the laser pick ups need replacing(not 100% sure) on both machines.Dilemma is do i get them fixed,as I think that they are both quality machines or start again? the worse thing is i can't bring myself to throw them out!!  I'm leaning  towards repairing them, but have no idea who to take them too?


Any suggestions?



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Re: Repair or Replace?

Have you tried cleaning the laser lens? A Bib disc is available if you don't want to dismantle them.

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Re: Repair or Replace?

Hello, thanks for your reply.I have tried a lense cleaning disc,but to no avail. I'm not to sure what a bib disc is?

Many thanks.

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