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JPW Sonata speakers and Marantz PM 40-SE amp - how do they compare these days?


Many (many) years ago I bought a pair of JPW sonata speakers and a Marantz PM40-SE integrated amp; I auditioned them largely on the basis of what hi-fi reviews and wasn't dissapointed. They are still going strong, but I'm thinking probably things have moved on since then...

So the search begins again. My problem in upgrading though, is that I don't know how modern stuff compares to them (I don't think JPW even exist any more) so I'm struggling to work out what to begin looking at to compile my audition list.

To save me starting completely from nothing, can anyone suggest what sort of budget-range (or even current models) would be in a similar sonic ball-park these days? Or are they just 'so' out of date that theres no comparison?