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Help! - Glass Fuses

The glass fuse in the back of my amplifier blew last night for the first time. Its a 20mm glass fuse type T3.15L250V. Can someone please explain what this means? Am I correct in assuming T is Time Delay type and rated at 3.15A and 250V. I can't work out what the L stands for? Anyone know please?

I think this is it on Maplin's website:


20mm Time Glass Delay T

Description                                  Product Code         Price

20mm A/S 3.15A 10 PK                 GL64U                     £2.69

Can anyone please verify this for me. I would be very grateful.

Many thanks for your help!

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Re: Help! - Glass Fuses

"T" is indeed the 'slow blow' type.

No idea what the "L" stands for, but that is is certainly a 3.15A fuse. The voltage is largely irrelevant - 3.15A is 3.15A at 10v / 100v / 200v. It's just stating that the fuse is rated for 250v.

However - if that has blown, I would say there is something seriously wrong inside your amp...



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