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Cyrus dad3Q not playing discs

My dad3Q has developed a problem where it does not reccognise when a disc has been put in. The display reads 00 and will not play the disc. I have cleaned the laser with a cleaning disc but this made no difference although the player did work to play the cleaner disc. I have contacted Cyrus and they say a service and new laser will cost £240. I don't know if its worth paying this for a nine year old player or to put the money towards a new player. Does anyone have anyexperience of this problem ?  

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Re: Cyrus dad3Q not playing discs

Hi Steve, my DAD3Q has just developed the same problem.  I am also facing the same dilema.  Did you replace the cd player or get it repaired?  The Cyrus pre amp also failed on me last year but the cost was only £55

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Re: Cyrus dad3Q not playing discs

I would think nine years is a pretty good innings for a laser, which is what I suspect has failed.

Is it worth repairing? Only you can decide - I'd have a listen to some current players in the £500-£700 range, such as the Award-winning Rega Apollo and the Audiolab 8000CD, and see what you think... 

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