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Shure SRH-144 On-Ear Open-Back Stereo Headphone review
Here is a nice little headphone I bought as soon as I read about it.  Shure is noted for high-quality headphones suitable for critical monitoring applications, although at $39 USD you wouldn't expect this SRH-144 to fit that description.  But rather than opt for a bassy or muddy low end with reduced treble to appeal to non-audiophile consumers, Shure created this headphone with a rolled-off bass and treble, which may sound like an average car radio at first listen.  I like what they did here, and the bass and treble respond well to a moderate boost as needed.  One caveat - the efficiency is low enough that many of the lower-volume tracks on my iPhone6 won't play loud enough for satisfactory listening without an external amp.



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