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LSTN Troubadours

Finally got my new LSTN Troubadours today.

Long time waiting! 

Originally I wanted a set of LSTN Fillmores as a result of an excellent review by dalethorn but there were supply problems and I couldn't get a pair in Ebony, so LSTN kindly offered me a pair of Troubadours in my wood of choice for the same price as the Fillmores. $110 instead of $160.

I snapped them up at this price and had them sent from Calif. to a friend in the States who brought them over today as he arrived in the UK to do some concerts here.

First impressions are excellent. They sound really good considering that they need to be "run-in" yet.

I had heard that they were likely to be bass-heavy but this is not the case. The bass sounds superb, as do the mids. (This was a strong point of the Fillmores too.)  Vocals sound excellent and no complaints from me regarding the sound staging which is wider than I was expecting.

The separation of the instruments on Miles Davis's "Concierto de Aranjuez" was first class.

I should point out that I had them hooked up to a Cambridge 540 amp. and I haven't used them through an iPod yet.

Even at this early stage they leave Grado 80is floundering regarding comfort. Grado Labs take note. Lack of comfort was my reason for selling my Grado SR80is in the first place.

The LSTNs appear to be well-built and the detachable leads are a bonus.

In Rip-Off Britain I expect them to sell somewhere around the £150 - £175 mark.

In the States, at $160, they are a steal.

Sorry if this post is not too technical as i just wanted to post about my initial impressions, but do look out for dalethorns appraisal of the Troubadours as he is much better at reviewing headphones than I could ever hope to be !