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JBL headphones J55 and J88 review, advice?


I am looking for low cost good quality headphones that i will use with IPOD Classic and Sony Xperia S.

I had AKG K450, but they broken now. It was OK for me, iam concidering to buy it again or buy something else.

Thought about AKG K619, K67. But after i found bad comments about their cracky headband i am not going to buy it.

Personaly i would like to have AKG K551 but its to expensive for me now.

So after research i found JBL (by harman) headphones J55(seems to have 40mm drivers, ~100$) and J88(50mm drivers, ~150$) are pretty good choise, i belive they will sound as good as AKG products.

I cannot find any review about these headphones, cannot find full scpecs. So if anyone already got a pair of these please advice to get or not...


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RE: JBL headphones J55 and J88 review, advice?

Bump for the OP.

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