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Grado gs1000is

Good evening,

I need suggestion. I have Grado GS1000i. What is the best Headphone Amp to make sing better. Price range 300 to 500 pounds.

My present Set Up :

Grado GS1000i

Nuforce HDP 

Mac Air PC


Thank you

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RE: Grado gs1000is

I use a Naim Headline (£425) with mine but you need a power supply such as a NAPSC (£325), as a minimum, or a HiCap (£1900) as well.  Have a look at TomTom Audio for 'pre-loved' bargins.  The GS1000i headphones work beautifully with Naim, plenty of 'Pace, Rythm And Timing'.  In my opinion you need first class source files (CD quality minimum) to make them shine.

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RE: Grado gs1000is

I run my GS1000i's on the Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp, it really does make the PS's sing, it doesn't hurt that Bryston used the GS1000i's and PS1000's as their main headphones when developing the BHA-1.

As Cutlass also recommends, the naim Headline works well as does the Naim DAC-V1 which is a fantastic headamp/Dac combo.

All definately worth demoing.

Sorry just seen the price bracket you are looking in, at that level the Heed Canamp is well worth a try, very well regarded and definately drives the GS's very well.

Note to self, must read question 100% before starting reply, doh Embarassed

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