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Spotify streaming, tablet to Cyrus Streamer X

I am looking for some advice or, at the very least, pointing in the right direction as seem to have hit a brick wall.
Recently added a Cyrus Stream X to my system with the intention of streaming Spotify from an Asus Chromebook.  Currently we have it working with BubbleUpnUp streaming digital music from tablet to streamer and it works perfectly over DLNA with Windows Media Player, but my intention is to stream only Spotify and eventually build a NAS drive for lossless FLAC.

Apparently using Audio Cast in BubbleUpnUp will allow streaming of Spotify to an external source, however this only seems to be possible if you have modified your tablet at the 'root' which at this stage I am reluctant to do.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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sorry to ask the obvious, but

sorry to ask the obvious, but would it not have been more prudent to get a streamer that supported spotify instead of going round 15 houses?

If you're already having to have your chromebook on, seems a bit daft to send it to the stream x, when you could just plug it straight in to the dac, unless I've missed something?

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