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Sony BDP-S790 vs BDP-S760

Dear Forum Members,

I am thinking of upgrading to the Sony BDP-S790 blu-ray player to take advantage of the twin HDMI outputs. This will allow my non-3D receiver (Sony HTSF2300) to accept the audio and my TV to display the 3D video. However, does anyone have any experience with the video quality and performance of the 790 in playing 2D blu-ray discs, compared to the BDP-S760? Both models incorporate advanced picture processing features and fine tuning, such as super-bit mapping. My 760 player is still performing very well after 2 years, but I'm curious about how a current model such as the 790 compares? Thanks for any advice!

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RE: Sony BDP-S790 vs BDP-S760


Just bought a 790 this weekend as I had moved the 360 into the kids room and had flirted with a Denon 16011 wich was a disaster (great sound but poor all round performance, tray sticking, won't swith on, won't swith off, HDMI handshake nonsense) s it has gone and been replaced with the 790.

I cannot compare against the 760 but the 2D picture (I don't do 3D) is as good if not a smidge better than the Denon it has replaced (especially in the black department) and the sound is also good, typically Sony, not quite as beefy as the Denon, but very good with excellent separation.

If it helps at all!


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RE: Sony BDP-S790 vs BDP-S760

Hi … Can anyone tell me if the 790 also upscales DLNA streamed videos to 1080p? Please let me know, as Sony are reluctant to answer the question….

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