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Qwerty Blue-ray remote

Just bought the Sony BDP-185 Blu -ray player for a excellent £59 at Tesco's. Love the small compact design and the online TV channels and Apps. The remote is fine for its general use, but really annoyed when needing to input Letters and Numbers due to no Querty keyboard on the remote - this is really fiddely and slow when searching a certain movie or song and when needing to type in chracters using the normal method of highlighting each chracter onscreen using the the remote.

Is there any good Blu-ray qwerty remote out there that works with Sony BDP-185 Blu -ray player ? I sawthe Sony Qwerty Remotes online - but can't seem to find them anywhere!


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RE: Qwerty Blue-ray remote

According to the Sony website, you can use a standard usb keyboard, I have a BDP-S790, and it works with mine.  Look under technical specs.




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