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MARANTZ UD8004 bluray player

:cry: Hi there,

I'm living the usual old story I hav with many players, (NAD M55, Denon 2500BT and, now, Marantz UD8004. It's almost impossible to read half of the blu ray I buy (properly red by other players). The marantz does not even read a bluray cleaner sayng no disc. The same with the bluray of the Ring by Solti (decca) and the concert by Paul Simon to just quote some examples. There are no recent firmware upgrades onn line and I'm quite disappointed. It looks that the more I spend to buy a player, the less reliability I get.

Please is there anyone on the planet able to solve my problem? I'm kinda scared to buy another good player and throw away money for something working for half of my collection.


Ivano - Milano