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Yamaha RX-473 2.1 settings

Looking for some advice regarding what settings to use with just a 2.1 setup.


For 2 channel source music I guess Direct mode for 2.0 or straight for 2.1.


But what is best for movies with multi channel source like dts ? straight, pl II or does it need to be Cinema dps music 2ch stereo to downmix for better playback ? 

And do the settings for center width, panorama etc do anything with no center ?


rest of the settings:

Speakers: Large

Crossover: 80Hz

Extra bass: On

Enchancer: Off

EQ: Off

YPOA not needed for 2 speakers ? Manualy put the distance of the speakers / subwoofer & put a +0.5db gain on right channel because it's slighty farther.



Yamaha HTR-4065 (rx-v473)


REL Stealth 50