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Denon 1911 Logitech Z-5500 Hissing Noise

Hi everyone a few days ago i bought the denon 1911 avr and i am using my logitech z-5500 speakers with it the first day i was using it i was amazed by how amazing the logitechs sounded on it compared to the Boston acustics and the jamos i heard at best buy. But after a few days of i was noticing this hissing noise when playing music or movies i only notice it when sound is coming through the speakers i thought this was due to the way i had all my cables at the back so i spent some time rewiring everythink but no luck.

Also im not using banana plugs could this be it and also im using a cheap HDMI cable from my ps3 to the avr and a out of the avr into the tv i am using a fairly exspensive HDMI cable and i am using rocketfish speaker cable.

If anyone could please help me out i would be very greatful

Cheers Jay