From Award-winning turntables to vinyl you can eat your dinner off, there should be something to tickle every vinyl lover's fancy among this delightful dozen...

In a world peddling 4K TVs and thousand-pound smartphones, there are still those who would prefer the crackle of an old 45 to that of a log fire this Christmas. If you're buying for a vinyl lover this year, here are 12 gift ideas that'll see you right.

O Come, All Ye Faithful.


Art Vinyl Play & Display Record Frame Triplepack

Best price £99 on Amazon

This is quite brilliant. It's a set of three wall-hung picture frames for you to pop your vinyl into, sleeve and all. So your record collection can double as interior decoration. Each frame holds any 12-inch record sleeve, including double and triple albums. And, thanks to the quick-release mechanism, you can swap the records without taking the frame off the wall, so you can change the look of your living room as often as you want.


Rega Planar 3/Elys 2

Tested at £625 / Best price £625 at Audio T

Our 2017 Product of the Year for turntables, the Rega Planar 3/Elys 2 is the ideal combination of deck and cartridge. It doesn't come cheap, but anyone familiar with Rega's detailed, dynamic and downright musical Planar turntables will tell you they're worth every penny. And, if you're buying a gift for a vinyl lover, surely a turntable upgrade is the ultimate prize.


Cat Scratch Turntable

Best price £20 at Suck UK

This feline-based turntable serves two purposes. First, it keeps your cat from destroying your curtains - it will be too busy scratching seven shades of DJ Shadow out of the circular top which spins when touched. And second, it will provide hours of entertainment as you watch your cat think it's a DJ.

Sadly it doesn't play actual records. If it did, we'd play something by the Pussycat Dolls. Or maybe Cat Stevens.


Rega Fono MM MK3

Tested at £200 / Best price £198 on Amazon

The Rega Fono MM just gets better with every generation. A great all-rounder, the MK3 again delivers sonic excitement, solid bass and impressive scale to any budget turntable set-up.


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Vinyl subscription service

These are the gifts that keep on giving. We put together a list of the most interesting vinyl subscription services we could find earlier in the year, from specialist genre packages to those offering a bottle of plonk with each month's record. Jack White enthusiasts will be over the moon to receive a subscription to the Third Man Records Vault, while Vinyl Me, Please will hand you a special edition record and help you use up all that leftover booze with its tailor-made cocktail recipes.

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Horace Panter LP Storage Case

Best price £35 at HMV

If you have records, you'll need somewhere to store them. Where better than in a case designed by The Specials bassist turned pop artist Horace Panter? A message to you: you ought take good care of your beloved LPs.


Sony PS-HX500

Tested at £450 / Best price £275 at Sevenoaks

If it's a USB turntable you seek, you won't find better value than Sony's PS-HX500. Not only will it allow you to digitise your record collection, it'll do it in hi-res. Something old, something new, and both delivered expertly.


Personalised Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Best price £20 at

Now you can tell the time by your favourite record. You can add the name of any song - here they've gone for What Time is Love? - and a personalised message, too. Other suggestions include Rock Around the Clock, Second by Steppenwolf and Hours by David Bowie.


Pro-Ject V-CS MK2

Best price £309 at Audio Affair

You can have the best record collection in the world, but if each disc is covered in dust and dirt it's not going to sound too good. There are plenty of ways to get the job done, and probably a fair few old wives' tales that'll do more harm than good, but investing in a quality record cleaner such as this Pro-Ject could be one of the soundest investments you make when it comes to your turntable's performance.


Peronalised Vinyl Placemats

Best price £24 at

Add some musical style to your dinner party with these vinyl placemats. Pick a song title (Lean Meat by Dr. Lonnie Smith, perhaps?) and add a personalised message. They come in three colour schemes (red and yellow, blue and grey, blue and green), and are made from recycled records - so they're environmentally friendly, too. Bonus.


Technics Headshell Bottle Opener Keyring

Best price £9 at

This is made from a genuine Technics headshell, which should be a good talking point when you're helping strangers open their beer bottles at house parties.


Some weird vinyl


Of course, no vinyl lover's gift guide would be complete without a record or two, but there's no reason you shouldn't add a little spice. Why not try Alexis Taylor's Piano accompanied by Listen With(Out) Piano for a dual-turntable experience, discover the locked and parallel grooves and floating hologram of Jack White's ULTRA edition of Lazaretto, or really push the boat out with a blood-filled limited edition of The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends? It's when vinyl becomes art beyond the music.

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