Are these the Star Wars gifts you're looking for?

It's now been 40 years since Star Wars was released in cinemas: can you very believe it? Most marriages don't even last that long, albeit most marriages don't have space ships or magic glowing swords.

Now let it be known not all of this Star Wars merchandise comes with our hearty recommendation (there is, for instance, a Crosley turntable), but there is hopefully something in this shopping list for those who can't let this cinematic jubilee pass without some kind of commemorative purchase.

Star Wars Blu-ray collection

Scientists believe there is a less-than 1 per cent chance of Star Wars fans ever tiring of watching the films, and those odds are further diminished if they're allowed to watch in fancy dress.

That's why any self-respecting Star Wars fan should have the films on (every type of) disc, just in case they ever stop repeating them on telly eight times a year.

Buy Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) on Blu-ray

Buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-ray

Buy Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Blu-ray

Star Wars soundtracks on vinyl

Fan of Star Wars or otherwise, few could fail to be impressed by the vinyl soundtrack to The Force Awakens.

It has floating holograms of the Millennium Falcon and a TIE fighter - etched by the same artist, Tristan Duke, who did the holographic honours for Jack White's Lazaretto ULTRA LP.

All the other soundtracks are now available on vinyl, too.

Buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hologram Vinyl

Buy Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection

Buy Rogue One: A Star Wars Story vinyl

Death Star floating Bluetooth speaker

Things float in Star Wars because it's in space and also because it isn't real. A floating Death Star speaker, on the other hand, isn't set in space and, bafflingly, actually exists.

Not only does this gadget levitate, thanks to some magnets, it also rotates and glows in the dark. We can't tell you how good (or otherwise) it sounds - it has yet to reach the top of the What Hi-Fi? review schedule - but for the Star Wars fan in your life, surely it's five stars for the design alone?

Buy Death Star Bluetooth speaker

Darth Vader Bluetooth speaker

"this looks amazing i hope this item is in stock as i would buy it" [sic].

Difficult to improve on dragondelta's three-star Amazon review there, so we won't even try.

The only other things you need know about this Disney-certified, limited-edition speaker are: it works with Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux cable, can charge devices via USB, and is the size of an actual head.

Buy Star Wars limited edition helmet speaker

Star Wars Episode VII headphones

These headphones may be marketed at children but, judging by the reviews left on Amazon, they appear to be popular with fully-grown Star Wars fans as well.

"My Sennheisers are broken so I had to borrow these from my nephew". Tell that to the cops, Clive.

Buy Star Wars Episode VII headphones

BB-8 headphone hat

Now this piece of Star Wars clothing is definitely only for kids: a machine-washable fleece hat resembling the BB-8 droid, with built-in headphones.

Volume is sensibly limited to 85db, so you can be sure your child's hearing is protected. Sadly it doesn't make the bleeps and bloops.

Buy Star Wars BB-8 Headphone Hat

Crosley 'A New Hope' turntable

A New Hope here refers to the Star Wars poster adorning this suitcase turntable, not the chance of Crosley producing a turntable that won't tear up your vinyl collection like kitten with a temper (unfortunately, we're not joking).

Released as a joint celebration for A New Hope's 40th and Record Store Day's 10th anniversaries, it was only available at certain independent stores, some of whom are still stocking it online.

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