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The best 4K TV deals ahead of Black Friday

Best TV deals

For most households, a TV is one of the biggest purchases they'll make. But no one wants to pay any more than they have to. That's where we come in. We've scoured the web to find you the best TV deals around, and only on the best sets from our comprehensive reviews back catalogue. That's right - every TV in this list has been through our rigorous reviews process, and passed with flying colours.

There are all sorts here, from massive sets with the latest cutting edge tech to more basic models that are a little easier on the wallet. But no matter what type, they all excel at what they do.

Some of these TV deals may be last year's models, but that doesn't mean they're not worth a look. In fact, if you're willing to forego the latest improvements (which, let's be honest, are often pretty incremental), you could save yourself a pretty penny. That said, we are now seeing discounts on the 2019 flagship 4K TVs, making it more tempting to spend the extra on one of the new models.

Looking for the hottest of hot 4K TV deals? A number of the TVs that we recently proclaimed What Hi-Fi? Award-winners have already dropped in price, making some brilliant TVs even greater value. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it's a good time to keep an eye out for yet more bargains.

32 inch TV deals

Sony KDL-32WE613BU HD Ready Smart TV £349 £254 at Amazon

Want a TV for a second room or bedroom? You can save £95 on this Sony 32-inch TV. It's only HD Ready but if it's for the kids or a spare room it still represents a decent bargain. View Deal

43 inch TV deals

Samsung UE43RU7470 4K HDR TV £429 £399 at Currys

We've only just given this 43 inch Samsung TV a What Hi-Fi? Award and already it's dropped in price. This is a cracking set for those who want 4K, HDR and a great operating system at a more compact size.View Deal

49 inch TV deals

Samsung UE49RU8000 4K HDR TV £749 £699 at Richer Sounds

Another Award-winning TV that's recently dropped a little in price, the 49 inch RU8000 is an excellent TV with lots of detail, super-sharp edges and great colours. It's also got the best, most app-laden operating system out there. A real bargain.View Deal

Sony KD-49XG9005 4K HDR TV £1099 £999 at John Lewis

Sony's most premium 2019 49 inch TV is an absolute belter - so much so that we recently gave it an Award. Making it even better is this even more recent discount of £100.View Deal

50 inch TV deals

Panasonic TX-50GX800B 50in 4K HDR TV £899 £669 at PRC Direct

The first TV we tested with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ on board, the GX800 is a great buy, particularly as it's already dropped in price a fair bit.View Deal

55 inch TV deals

LG OLED55C9PLA OLED TV for £2499 £1399 at Amazon

Brand new for this year, LG's C9 OLED improves on last year's C8 in almost every way, making it comfortably the better buy if you can stretch to it. Doing so is now a lot easier than it was, too, as the price has steadily tumbled since launch.View Deal

LG OLED55E9PLA OLED TV for £2799 £1999 at Sevenoaks

Ultimately, if you're after a new OLED we'd suggest buying the C9 above and adding a good, separate sound system. But if you're going to be relying on your new TV's built-in speakers, the E9 is worth considering. That said, the price gap between the two models is currently rather large and we wouldn't value the E9's speaker system at £600.View Deal

Panasonic TX-55GZ950B OLED TV £1799 £1499 at Richer Sounds

Panasonic's 2019 OLED isn't quite as good as the C9 above in terms of picture performance, but it's close - and it does sound better. It's also already shed £300 from its price since we tested it, making it a real tempter.View Deal

Samsung QE55Q90R 55in 2019 QLED TV for £2799 £1899 at John Lewis

Samsung's 2019 4K flagship has now dropped in price, with a healthy discount of £900 from John Lewis (and others). It's still much more expensive than the C9 OLED above, but for some the punchier picture, nicer operating system and brilliant One Connect feature might be worth the extra.View Deal

Samsung QE55Q85R 55in 2019 QLED TV £2299 £1499 at Richer Sounds

Samsung's second tier 2019 QLED is undeniably a step down from the Q90R above, but the hefty price difference certainly makes this Q85R tempting.View Deal

LG OLED55C8PLA 55in OLED TV £2999 £1269 at Amazon

The predecessor to the C9 was an Award-winner in its own right. While we'd recommend paying the extra for this year's model if you can, opting for the C8 will save you in the region of £150 and you'll still have a great TV.View Deal

Panasonic TX-55FZ802B 55in OLED TV £2299 £1199 at Richer Sounds

We gave Panasonic's FZ802 OLED TV five stars at its original price of £2299, so it really is a bargain with this huge discount. Do consider the LG C9 first, though, as at this point it's not much more expensive.View Deal

Sony KD-55XF9005 55in 4K HDR TV £1699 £949 at John Lewis

X-motion Clarity tech promises smooth sports and action movies while HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision support is present and correct. The price has dropped yet again lately, so you can currently get a huge £750 discount on this excellent telly.View Deal

Philips 4K HDR OLED TV 55OLED804 £1699 £1399 at Currys
The set comes with the brilliant Ambilight technology, full HDR support (Dolby Vision and HDR10+) and plenty of apps on the Android smart TV platform. It's a very decent TV at a very decent price.View Deal

58 inch TV deals

Panasonic TX-58GX800B 4K HDR TV £799 £749 at Amazon

£50 might not seem like a discount worth getting too excited about, but the 58in version of the GX800 was already such good value that we just had to include it here. Support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision (plus standard HDR10 and HLG, of course) combines with a nicely balanced all-round performance to make for an excellent, affordable, big screen TV.View Deal

65 inch TV deals

LG OLED65C9PLA 65in 2019 OLED TV £3299 £2299 at Richer Sounds

This 2019 LG OLED has just had another £200 shed from its price, taking the overall discount to £1,000. It's an awesome TV - a surprisingly big improvement on last year's model - and well worth the original asking price, let alone the new one.View Deal

Samsung QE65Q90R 65in 2019 QLED TV £3799 £2299 at Amazon

Samsung appears to be intent on matching its Q90R's price to that of the C9 above, despite it initially costing a good deal more. It's a brilliant telly and choosing between the two is terrifically difficult. The Samsung can't go quite as black, but it's much brighter, is nicer to use and has the brilliant One Connect box, which handles all of the connections so you don't have loads of cables running into the display itself.View Deal

Samsung QE65Q70R 65in 4K TV £1499 £1299 at Richer Sounds

This recent Award-winner has already shed £200 from its very reasonable launch price, making it even more of a mid-range marvel. If you like the sound of the Q90R but can't stretch your budget that far, the Q70R is an excellent compromise.View Deal

Sony KD-65XG9505 65in 4K TV £2199 £1799 at Richer Sounds

New for 2019, this Sony has already dropped in price. Don't assume that means it must be a duffer, though - this is an excellent direct LED-backlit LCD model for the money, with a punchy, detailed picture and very good sound. LG's 2018 OLEDs (above) are the better buy while still available, but once they're gone this Sony will still be offering great value.View Deal

Sony KD-65AG9 65in OLED TV for £3999 £3499 at Sevenoaks

Sony's 2019 Master Series OLED majors on picture authenticity and has one of the best sound solutions of any current TV - hidden actuators vibrate the whole screen to make an excellent sound that matches the on-screen action perfectly. It's a pricey TV compared to many above, but this £500 discount makes it more tempting.View Deal