The best Sky TV, Glass and Stream deals and packages April 2024

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There are now many ways to watch Sky TV: Sky Glass is Sky built into a TV; Sky Q is the more traditional, satellite dish-based offering; while the Sky Stream box is billed as "the cheapest way to get Sky and Netflix". Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but all are great ways to get the UK's best entertainment offering.

Sky is never cheap, but right now you can get big discounts on various Sky TV packages – some with broadband bundled in and channels added on. With Sky Sports, a solid UHD offering and bolt-ons such as Sky Multiscreen, too, it's a great time to upgrade or even switch.

Sky combines top-flight sports, the best drama and comedy from the UK and US, and the biggest films before they reach other services, and much of it in 4K. And now it offers Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus in 4K HDR, giving you a host of original content and an exhaustive library to binge your way through.

Here we'll cover all the options. So read on for the best Sky TV deals, bundles and packages and how to get them. Happy viewing!

Best Sky broadband deals

Sky 100Mb/s Full Fibre Broadband £32/month; 18 months; no fees

Sky 100Mb/s Full Fibre Broadband <a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">£32/month; 18 months; no fees
Just need the connection? This very reasonable Full Fibre Broadband offer brings a 100Mbps connection and plenty of options to add TV at a later date. It's reduced from £38 a month, saving you a packet over 18 months.

Best Sky TV bundles

Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix &amp; Superfast Broadband£39/month; 18 months; no fees

Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix & Superfast Broadband
<a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">£39/month; 18 months; no fees
Get your hands on Sky Stream and Sky TV with this great deal. Not only that, but you can bundle it with Netflix and Sky Superfast broadband for just £39 a month. The connection is a decent 36Mb/s.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is the Sky's current generation of dish-based home entertainment, following on from Sky+. It offers lots of channels covering drama, comedy, wildlife, kids, films and sports content, served up in a package that delivers 4K picture quality, the ability to pause and rewind live channels, and full multi-room features.

Sky HDR programming has arrived and is available on both Disney Plus and Netflix. You can also watch the Premier League in HDR too on Sky Sports.

How do you get Sky Q?

The best Sky TV deals, Sky Q deals and Sky packages

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To get Sky Q, you'll need a Sky Q Box. It stores up to 500 hours of standard definition TV, lets you record six channels while watching a seventh and is able to show HD and 4K UHD content.

You'll also need a satellite dish in order to watch Sky Q. Don't want – or can't have – a dish? Sky Glass or Sky Stream are for you, as they deliver Sky over broadband.

What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is Sky's dishless Sky service, delivered entirely over the internet and through a Sky-branded TV. There are three sizes of Sky Glass TV to choose from, and Sky subscription deals to pick too. You pay a different amount upfront according to the TV size you've gone for and then the rest is paid either over a 24-month or 48-month contract. For more information, check out our Sky Glass review.

Best Sky Glass bundle deal 

What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is a standalone box – similar to Apple TV – that provides satellite dish-free access to Sky on any TV of your choice. It promises most of the Sky Glass experience and is a doddle to install (you just plug it into a spare HDMI port on your TV). On the downside, 4K, HDR and Atmos cost extra and there is a signal delay compared to Sky Q. Like Sky Glass, there's also no hard drive to store recordings, so you have to rely on items on your 'playlist' still being available when you get round to watching them.

Can you still get Sky+?

No. While Sky still supports its Sky+ customers, the only options for new customers are Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream. Or Sky's no-strings-attached streaming service Now (formerly known as Now TV).

How much do the Sky Q boxes cost?

The standard Sky Q package allows you to watch content at up to HD resolution and comes with the 1TB box. There's a one-off installation fee of £20 and then it's £31 per month for the basic TV package which includes Netflix, Sky Atlantic, Sky Originals,  Sky Sports News, 300 channels, 500 Sky box sets, 40 catch-up services and access to content on the Sky Go app.

Extras? Sky has plenty. The HD add-on is £8 a month, and lets you watch over 40 live channels in high definition, including Comedy Central, Sky Comedy HD, Sky News HD, Dave HD and Comedy Central. Or you can splash out on the Ultra HD + HD bolt-on, which includes selected sport and Sky Originals in 4K, plus Netflix Premium, for £12 a month. The latter seems like something of a no-brainer.

You can also add Sky Multiscreen for an extra £15 per month and enjoy your Sky content on a second TV thanks to the additional Sky Q Mini box.

With any of these Sky Q options, you can add on TV channels in bundles like Sky Sports, Sky Box Sets, Sky Entertainment, etc.

That's the basic viewing options covered. So what do the various Sky packages offer?

Sky Ultimate TV

The best Sky TV deals, Sky Q deals and Sky packages

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Sky Ultimate TV £31 a month (£20 setup fee)

Sky Ultimate TV <a href="!!!id!!!&linkid=2352000&clickref=" data-link-merchant=""">£31 a month (£20 setup fee)
Sky Ultimate TV  is the basic starter bundle. It includes a wide variety of dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Nat Geo wild, Sky Originals, 300 TV channels and Netflix too.

The Sky TV basic package offers over 300 channels covering entertainment, documentary, music and sports. These include Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, MTV, Gold, Comedy Central, Quest, Syfy, E!, Discovery, National Geographic, Sky Sports News, Eurosport and Sky Sports Mix. You can also get free access to Netflix and the over 500 Sky Box sets with Sky TV & Netflix.

That means you get shows like Succession, A Town Called Malice, Dreamland, The Last of Us, Funny Woman, Big Little Lies, Last Chance U, The Umbrella Academy, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, Chernobyl, Gomorrah, Riviera and The White Lotus.

For new customers, Sky Ultimate TV costs £31 a month for the first 18 months. Now you've got your starter pack, it's time to add some extras.

Sky Sports

The best Sky TV deals, Sky Q deals and Sky packages

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Sky Sports gives you more sports channels than the standard Sky TV package. Namely, you get individual channels dedicated to Premier League football, the football league, cricket, F1, NFL and golf, and all in HD.

You also get Sky Sports Arena (basketball, racing, bowling), Sky Sports Main Event (golf, cricket, rugby) and Sky Sports News.

If you have the relevant package, you'll be able to watch some of these channels in 4K UHD and the Premier League in HDR. Here are a few bundles to consider...

Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix and Sky Sports £46 a month)
All Sky Sports in ...

Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix and Sky Sports <a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">£46 a month)
This Sky deal includes access to all the Sky Sports channels including the F1, cricket, golf and over 400 live football games. Netflix is bundled in too, which is a nice bonus. And there's no upfront fee.

Sky Cinema

The best Sky TV deals, Sky Q deals and Sky packages

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Sky TV, Disney+ &amp; Sky Cinema £48 £40 a month

Sky TV, Disney+ & Sky Cinema <a href="!!!id!!!&linkid=2352001&clickref=" data-link-merchant=""">£48 £40 a month
With a new film premiere every day and over 1000 other films to choose from, Sky Cinema is great for film fans. This price includes the Disney+ bolt-on too. Your only extras are the one-off £20 set-up fee. That's it.

Sky Cinema has over 1000 movies on-demand, and now comes with Paramount+, saving you £6.99 a month.

Sky is currently offering a Sky TV and Sky Cinema starter pack for £40 a month, which is a decent place to start if you love movies.


Peppa Pig on Nick Jr

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There are nine kids channels up for grabs, including Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Boomerang and Cartoon Network. There's a Kid Safe Mode and you can create individual profile for up to 10 children.

This costs £6 extra a month. It only offers a 31-day rolling contract, so you won't be tied in for the long run.


The best Sky TV deals, Sky Q deals and Sky packages

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Sky's latest add-on addition is Disney Plus. Like many of the extra services, there's no long term commitment. The price is in line with a Disney Plus subscription through other platforms at £7.99. It's also one of the best places to find 4K HDR viewing on Sky.

Ultra HD + HD

The Ultra HD + HD add-on is your ticket to 4K content on Sky. It unlocks access to 4K films and 4K sport on the Sky Cinema and the Sky Sport channels respectively. Not all films and sports are available in UHD, though more 4K HDR content is arriving all the time.

The other bonus of this relatively cheap addition is that it upgrades your Netflix access to Netflix Premium which brings 4K programming through Netflix as well as simultaneous Netflix viewing on up to four devices.

Ultra HD + HD is £12 a month. Only HD is £8 a month.

TNT Sports on Sky

TNT Sports for Sky customers £28 per month

TNT Sports for Sky customers <a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">£28 per month
Four TNT Sports channels under one subscription and Sky customers can have their pick of pretty much all the televised sport on the UK. The one-month rolling contract means that you can cancel at any time.

Just because you're with Sky, that doesn't mean you can't access other sports channels too. The four TNT Sport channels are available to Sky customers on a one-month rolling contract for £28.

Through those you can watch Premier League football, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, UFC and more.

Sky Fibre broadband

Sky Full Fibre Broadband 18 months | £32 a month | no set-up fee

Sky Full Fibre Broadband <a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">18 months | £32 a month | no set-up fee
This tariff includes Sky's fibre broadband with Speed Guarantee as standard. You get Sky Pay As You Talk phone access and an average of 100Mbps download speeds.

Want Sky's fastest ever broadband? Try Sky Gigafast (£48 a month) if it's available in your postcode – it gives you average speeds of 900Mbps.

Enter your postcode during the buying process to see what deals are available for you.

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