Best DVD/Blu-ray/HDD recorders


In truth there aren't many on the market these days, with many people favouring the convenience of a PVR or set-top box.

But Panasonic continues to produce disc-spinners that also sport internal storage and our Best Buy is one of its latest models - and still available to buy at a number of retailers at the time of writing.

Best Blu-ray/HDD recorder under £500

Panasonic DMR-BWT740

Tested at £455Calling this just a Blu-ray recorder is a little unfair. It’s a multimedia beast, and does a lot more than the BD-R label implies.It’s a PVR with a 1TB hard disk on which you can record up to 684 hours of content. There are two tuners for Freeview HD, so you can watch one thing while recording another, or record two programmes at the same time.On top of this, you get web-based content too. The box also handles 4K upscaling, multi-room streaming to portable devices in the home and Miracast for mobile streaming. Then there’s DLNA certification, which means you can stream content from networked devices too. All that, and it plays and records to DVDs and Blu-rays.For some, the Panasonic DMR-BWT740 will be a bit much. But if you find yourself looking at a standard Blu-ray player and sighing at its simplicity, then this might just be the answer.Its array of functions is mighty impressive, and we think it offers great value for the money.MORE: Panasonic DMR-BWT740 review / compare latest prices 

Reasons to Buy
Excellent video quality
Impressive tech specs
Good build
Reasonable price
Reasons to Avoid
Number of features can be overwhelming
Remote takes getting used to

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