What Hi-Fi? Awards - 2017

2017 Stereo speakers - Product of the year

Best standmount speaker £400-£800

KEF Q350

“A level of clarity and subtlety that’s unheard of at this price”

2017 Stereo speakers - Best Buys

Best standmount speaker under £200

Dali Spektor 2

"The Spektor 2s are excellent speakers, combining Dali’s traditional strengths with a generous dose of entertainment"

Best standmount speaker £200-£400

Monitor Audio Bronze 2

“These Monitor Audios sail through the test. They have delicacy when required and handle dynamics deftly”

Best standmount speaker £800-£1200

Revel Concerta2 M16

"Speakers that can stand toe-to-toe with the best sub-thousand pound standmounters around”

Best standmount speaker £1200-£2000


"These speakers manage to knit everything into a cohesive, musical whole”

Best standmount speaker £2000+

Dynaudio Special Forty

“Magnificently detailed, digging out the low-level acoustic clues that define a recording venue with ease”

Best floorstander under £400

Tannoy Eclipse 3

“The Eclipses have no problem when it comes to having a good time”

Best floorstander £400-£800

Q Acoustics 3050

“Powerful and assertive, the 3050s deliver a huge sense of scale and are capable of enveloping our largest test room”

Best floorstanders £800-£1200

Monitor Audio Silver 200

“Most important, though, is the richness and clarity throughout”

Best floorstander £1200-£2000

Neat Iota Alpha

“Beauty is as beauty does… and these floorstanders are something to savour”

Best floorstander £2000+

Spendor A4

“They’re expressive, entertaining and, perhaps surprisingly for a Spendor design, fun”

Best desktop speaker

Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2

“The Ruarks breathe new life into whatever music you play through them”

Best active speaker

Dynaudio Xeo 2

“A level of transparency to music that you’d be hard-pressed to find from a similarly-priced system of hi-fi separates”