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Tidal Premium and Epix Now bundle launches at just $12.99 a month

Tidal Premium and Epix Now bundle brings you both services for $12.99 a month
(Image credit: Epix Now)

A new bundle launching on Sunday lets you subscribe to both the music Tidal Premium and video Epix Now streaming services for just $12.99 a month. Considering Tidal Premium alone usually costs $9.99, that's quite a deal.

You can sign up here.

Tidal Premium + Epix Now bundle $12.99 a month
A Tidal Premium music service subscription offers 60 million+ tracks in 320kbps quality, while video streaming service Epix Now usually costs $5.99 a month – so getting it for $2.99 is a bit of a steal.View Deal

Tidal is our favourite music streaming service, with Premium offering a large (and always expanding) library of music files in 320kbps quality. Epix Now, meanwhile, is a video streaming service owned by MGM.

The Tidal and Epix bundle launches on Sunday, the same day as the season two premiere of Godfather of Harlem on Epix Now. The show stars Emmy-winner Forest Whitaker as 1960s New York gangster Bumpy Johnson.

Anyone taking up the offer can access tracks from the show's soundtrack, which is executive produced and supervised by Swizz Beatz. Tracks will drop weekly every Friday starting today, all the way through 21st May. And to whet your appetite, all US Tidal subscribers will be able to watch the first episode of Godfather of Harlem on the platform.

More content will be announced by both brands throughout the partnership, so expect them during the season's run.


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