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Sony claims high-end SD card offers 'Premium Sound'

The SR-64HXA micro SDXC memory card is due on sale in Japan next month for 18,500 yen, which translates as around £100. That makes it around five times more expensive than the average memory card.

Why would you spend the extra? Sony claims the card helps to "reduce electrical noise generated when the file [your digital music] is read". So if you store music on a memory card, this super-SD should help suppress electrical noise, which can affect sound quality. That's Sony's theory, at least...

The Sony Japan website suggests while the capacity and speed of cards can be the same, the parts and materials can be different - and, so Sony says, that can make a difference to the sound.

High-res audio is a big focus for Sony at the moment, with the launch of the £950 flagship NWZ-ZX2 Walkman at CES 2015.

But, with many people struggling to be convinced by high-res music, we can't help thinking a "Premium Sound" memory card might be an even harder sell...

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