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Sonos Flex: a new Sonos speaker subscription rental service

Sonos Flex: a new Sonos speaker subscription rental service
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If you don't have the living space or budget to commit to a Sonos multi-room system but find yourself wishing you could borrow a neighbour's for a party or film night, you may wish to know about the all-new Sonos Flex.

Sonos' first-ever speaker rental service, it lets you loan combinations of Sonos speakers on a monthly basis: two Sonos One wireless speakers for €15/month; or two Sonos Ones and a Beam soundbar for €25/month; or two Sonos Ones, a Playbar and Subwoofer for €50/month. White or black finishes: the choice is yours.

The former package represents Sonos' entry-level multi-room combination, allowing you to have a Sonos One either in two different rooms or working together as a stereo pair. With the Beam soundbar, the Ones can act as rear channels if you so wish. The Ones can play the same role in the priciest subscription service, just with with the more authoritative Playbar and Subwoofer home cinema pairing instead.

Sonos has only launched the service in the Netherlands – we hope only for now. The Dutch benefit from free delivery, and although the products are relatively easy to set up, Sonos is offering professional installation for Amsterdam residents. The chosen set(s) can be rented for an indefinite amount of time – cancellation is simply on a monthly basis – and Sonos promises to replace rented speakers for the latest models if new ones come along.


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