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Sharp to show off world's biggest 8K LCD at IFA 2019

Sharp to show off world's biggest 8K LCD at IFA 2019
(Image credit: Sharp)

Europe's biggest tech show is just around the corner, and now we know what to expect - the world's largest 8K LCD! Japanese manufacturer Sharp will take to IFA 2019 next week to unveil the 120-inch behemoth.

But don't expect to watch Gogglebox on it. It's intended for business, as well as educational use in schools and museums.

Sharp will also use IFA to talk up its 8K+5G initiative. This is basically a 5G network to help with the larger bandwidth requirements that 8K demands. As well as video production and transmission, this should also have other applications, like educational and medical.

The firm said its collaborative approach would help push both 8K and 5G technologies.

“Since our launch of the world’s first-ever 8K display back in 2011, Sharp has continued to develop 8K products in the BtoC [business-to-consumer] realm, but thanks to advances in communication and imaging technology, we are now also able to offer fresh value in the field of BtoB [business to business],” says Kazuhiro Kitamura, Business Unit President, Global TV Systems BU and Head of Europe Business at Sharp. 

“Currently, we are partnering with other companies to run verification tests in various fields. By working in tandem with other firms’ technology, rather than promoting our own 8K offerings in isolation, we are able to foster breakthroughs and nurture 8K+5G Ecosystem across an ever-wider range of disciplines. The more partners we can bring on board with groundbreaking technological advances of their own, the more we can achieve together to enrich society and people’s lives.”

This likely won't be the only big TV on show at IFA. We're also looking forward to a new range of speakers from shaver-maker Braun, smart products from Harman, and even a foldable, triple-screen smartphone from LG.

Stay tuned, we'll bring you all the news as it happens.


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