LG reveals foldable, triple-screen smartphone in IFA teaser

LG reveals triple-screen smartphone in IFA teaser
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LG has already dropped three high-end smartphones for 2019 – the G8 ThinQ, G8s ThinQ V50 ThinQ 5G – announcing them in typical fashion at Mobile World Congress in February. But in just a few weeks' time we could have a fourth.

The Korean company has dropped a 'save the date' teaser video for IFA, Europe's biggest tech exhibit, that shows a foldable, triple-screen smartphone accompanied by the tagline "Get the Game On with LG Mobile at IFA 2019".

The 19-second clip shows a phone screen playing Pacman as it then unfolds into two screens side-by-side, with a display also on the front when the phone closes. We don't know much about the handset other than its screen configuration, but the Pacman graphics suggests a focus on a gaming feature or two. All will be revealed on Friday 6th September.

While LG's 2018 IFA was all about its jaw-dropping 88in 8K OLED, the IFA 2019 spotlight looks to shine on its mobile division this year, then. Still, we've no doubt LG's reliably dazzling stand will feature its 2019 OLED TV line-up, which has already proven itself worthy in the form of three What Hi-Fi? five-star reviews.


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