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Netflix 'Play Something' feature comes to Android smartphones

Netflix 'Play Something' feature comes to Android smartphones
(Image credit: Netflix)

Binge-watching Netflix on your smartphone just got easier. The streaming service is letting some users of its Android app try 'Play Something', a feature that suggests content for you to watch, Engadget reports.

The feature is already live on Netflix's TV apps but it's only being tested on select Android users for now, ahead of a wider rollout. If you've been selected, you'll see the Play Something button appear on both adult and child profiles.

Play Something uses your viewing history and algorithms to suggest movies, documentaries, and TV shows that you might like. Hit the Play Something button and you'll jump right in, no endless scrolling required.

Don't like what you see? With another click, Netlfix will pick something else – this will either be from your queue, something you haven't finished watching, or something else new based on your viewing habits.

Given the rise in rival streaming services such as Disney+, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video, Netflix appears to be looking for extra ways to distinguish itself from the competition. What will it think of next?


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